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Healthy Pregnancy Snacks

70+ Healthy Pregnancy Snacks

  • Author: WifeyChef
  • Total Time: 10 minutes


The ultimate list of 70+ healthy pregnancy snacks and drinks- with little to NO cooking required!


Healthy Pregnancy Snacks:

  1. Organic cheese + apple slices.
  2. Organic cheese + healthy crackers. Think flax crackers, chia crackers, nut crackers, whole-wheat crackers, GG crackers, etc. Hint: I’ve taken to buying a block of cheese (it’s a lot cheaper this way), and taking an extra half a millisecond to slice the cheese myself. Easy peasy cheesy.
  3. Organic string cheese.
  4. Organic Yogurt + Granola and fresh fruit.
  5. Organic cottage cheese. Plain, or with organic fruit (such as pineapple).
  6. Organic Milk + healthy cereal.
  7. Organic Veggies + Dip/Guacamole: Carrots, cherry tomatoes, sliced bell pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, jicama, celery, etc.
  8. Organic Veggies & Hummus + Whole Wheat Pita.
  9. Whole-Wheat Everything Bagel + Organic Cream Cheese w/ vegetables.
  10. Organic fruit smoothie, with some spinach blended in for an extra boost of nutrition.
  11. Smoothie bowl (just dump your smoothie in a bowl), topped with more fresh fruit, chopped nuts, chia seeds, shredded coconut, dark chocolate nibs, etc.
  12. Organic fruit, sprinkled with lime juice + Tajin.
  13. Fruit leathers.
  14. Fruit salad.
  15. Prunes and/or dates.
  16. Dried fruit (apple chips, banana chips, dried cherries, plantains, apricots, etc).
  17. Fruit sorbet, or frozen yogurt.
  18. Trail mix.
  19. Fruit squeeze packs/pouches. (Costco has some great options!)
  20. Kimchi. This fermented powerhouse is full of probiotics, is nice and cold, and requires zero cooking.
  21. Sauerkraut. Same benefits as above!
  22. Warm bone broth; simply warm in microwave or on stove.
  23. Canned soup (Amy’s Organics is a great brand with some great flavors to choose from); simply warm in microwave or on stove.
  24. Canned corn (warmed up), + sprinkle of parmesan cheese.
  25. Edamame (warmed up), with a sprinkle of sea salt.
  26. Oatmeal, sprinkled with organic fruit and nuts.
  27. Ginger snaps. These are a tried-and-true pregnancy snack for a reason! The ginger calms your tummy.
  28. Popcorn (air-popped is best, but microwave popcorn will certainly do- just find a good brand without tons of additives. Whole Foods has a great organic microwave popcorn with light butter.) You can also buy bags of ready-made popcorn, such as this one from 365 Everyday Value, which can also be found at Whole Foods.
  29. Fresh-Pressed/Homemade Juice. NOTE: Drink it that same day; you never want to drink old, or unpasteurized juice, while pregnant.
  30. Larabars. These filling snacks are full of healthy, clean ingredients.
  31. Healthy chips & Salsa + Guacamole. Beanitos are healthy and full of fiber. Siete also makes some delicious, healthy, gluten-free options for tortilla chips!
  32. Plantain chips or Sweet Potato chips + dip/guacamole/salsa.
  33. Rice cakes + peanut/almond/nut butter.
  34. PB & J Sandwich.
  35. Beef, salmon, or turkey jerky (just watch the sodium intake).
  36. Organic Applesauce.
  37. Flavored gelatin (aka Jello). They even sell gelatin that has chia seeds for extra nutrition and fiber!
  38. Olives- black olives, kalamata olives, castelvetrano olives, etc.
  39. Pickles, or pickled veggies in general- carrots, green beans, cherry tomatoes, etc.
  40. Healthy muffins.
  41. Frozen grapes.
  42. Nuts (almonds, pistachios, walnuts, pecans). You can eat these plain, or find fun flavored varieties. I am loving the dill pickle almonds and buffalo almonds from Whole Foods right now!
  43. Whole wheat pretzels + dip (honey mustard, cream cheese, ranch, etc.)
  44. Popsicles.
  45. A fresh green salad w/ toppings like hard boiled egg, sunflower seeds, bacon bits, croutons, avocado, etc (if tolerable).
  46. Avocado toast. Mash an avocado with some crushed red pepper and a squeeze of lemon. Toast a piece of multi-grain or whole wheat bread, add the mashed avocado, and enjoy! A fried egg on top is even better, if you can stomach it.
  47. Plain toast with butter.
  48. Toast topped with nut butter + fruit. I love chocolate almond butter and sliced bananas. SO heavenly, and so healthy!
  49. Toast topped with fruit preserves + sliced fresh fruit for extra credit.
  50. Grilled cheese w/ organic cheese + multi-grain or whole-wheat bread.
  51. Annie’s Organic Mac n Cheese.
  52. Rice of any kind. These Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice packages are amazing! 90 seconds in the microwave and you have a yummy bowl of rice. Mix in a few pieces of protein if you have any leftover meat in the fridge (chicken chunks, diced bacon, etc), and some veggies if you can (broccoli florets, diced cherry tomatoes, etc.)
  53. Rice and beans. I LOVE these Vigo Cuban Rice and Beans.
  54. Frozen chicken wings, heated up in the microwave. An easy way to get a hefty serving of protein!
  55. Frozen turkey meatballs, heated up in the microwave. You can add some marinara sauce to up the flavor, if your tummy is up for it.
  56. A plain cheese quesadilla.
  57. A more advanced quesadilla, with leftover fridge ingredients. I recently made one with leftover corned beef and manchego cheese. It was heaven. And a side of probiotic sour cream!
  58. Hard boiled eggs.
  59. Scrambled eggs (not for me personally; the texture makes me queasy, but many pregnant women swear by scrambled eggs. Great way to get a nice serving of protein!)
  60. Very lightly seasoned chunks of chicken breast (homemade, or hell… they sell it in cans too. Just buy organic when possible). Dip chicken into salsa, homemade ranch, etc.
  61. Steamed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini, squash, etc). You can add a pat of butter if you need some sort of flavor!
  62. Mashed potatoes (guess what? Instant potatoes are a godsend. I’m not saying to subsist off these things when pregnant- but they are a great way to fill up and quell some nausea. Eat w/ a side of steamed veggies for added nutrition.) You can also buy refrigerated, packaged mashed potatoes. Or they are SUPER easy to make in the Instant Pot!
  63. A Baked potato or a baked sweet potato, topped with yogurt (or sour cream), chives, organic cheese, and a few bacon bits!
  64. Frozen sweet potato fries, heated up.

Less-Healthy Pregnancy Snacks:

  1. Goldfish crackers.
  2. Saltine crackers.
  3. Graham crackers.
  4. Poptarts.
  5. Frozen tater tots.
  6. Frozen Trader Joe’s dinners.
  7. Frozen Pizza- add some fresh veggies to the top when it comes out of the oven, like some spinach, arugula, or bell peppers!
  8. Frozen Hot Pockets, pierogis, pizza rolls, pretzels with cheese.
  9. Milkshakes.
  10. Dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is actually quite good for you in small quantities. So have some nibbles without the guilt.
  11. Cookies.
  12. Order some pizza or Thai food. You deserve it. Did I mention it’s quick and easy????

Healthy Pregnancy Drinks

  1. Water. Sorry, I know this sounds like a complete no-brainer… but YOU NEED TO STAY HYDRATEDDDDD. Aim to drink a gallon of water a day!
  2. Hot lemon water + ginger. This one is amazing for nausea. Put some sliced ginger, the juice of 1 lemon, and hot water in a mug. Sip and enjoy. The ginger smell will deeply soothe you (and your tummy), as will the ritual of the warm drink. (Feel free to add some turmeric and cayenne pepper if you want to kick it up a notch.)
  3. Infused fruit water. (Take some fruit, and perhaps a few herbs such as mint, add them to water, and let the flavor infuse for a few hours in the fridge! Don’t drink infused water past the first day, as it is unpasteurized.)
  4. Coconut water
  5. Ginger Ale – for nausea
  6. Peppermint Tea- for nausea
  7. Ginger + lemon tea- for nausea
  8. Frozen gatorade, slightly thawed out.
  9. Sparkling water + a spoonful of fruit juice. Grapefruit juice is an EXCELLENT nausea-buster, but any fruit juice will taste great and refreshing with the bubbles!
  10. Fresh, pasteurized fruit juice. If homemade, drink it that same day!
  11. Pasteurized vegetable juice. (Tomato, carrot, and beet juices are surprisingly tasty! If they taste too potent, you can always mix them with some water. Or sparkling water.)
  12. A fresh green smoothie!
  13. Apple cider vinegar drinks. Bragg’s makes tons of yummy flavors, like these Concord & Acai apple cider vinegar drinks.
  14. Milk, or Chocolate milk.
  15. Glass of iced tea with lemon (it does contain caffeine, so bear that in mind).
  16. Lemonade (low-sugar variety)


Print this list, and hang it on your fridge for some inspiration when you just don’t feel like eating- or cooking- or both! You can also print this list and bring it with you to the grocery store.

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 5 minutes

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